Day 42, East Windsor, CT to Sturbridge, MA June 2

Predictions were for rain, and rain is what we woke to this morning.  Last night our guide told us she was pushing back our start time to 10am, to see if we could wait out the rain.  It was a wonderful plan that worked.  I slept in and had breakfast around 8am, what a perfect way to start the day.  There were about a dozen of us at breakfast talking about the weather, and quite a few people decided to ride.

The rain stopped and I took off with two other riders.  We dressed in layers as the temperature was in the 40’s and we didn’t know if it would rain during our ride.  The roads were pretty good as we headed into the countryside.  It was relatively flat and we were happy.  At about mile 7 the hills started, and they never ended.  What goes up must come down….was the theory of the day.  We had light drizzle at times, but it wasn’t bad.  With all of our layers on we would get hot riding up the hills, then cool on the downhills.  I began to get cold around mile 17, and when I arrived at the SAG car at mile 20, our wonderful SAG driver let me borrow her arm warmers and light jacket.  With the extra layers and hot chocolate, I was set for the next 20 miles. SAG drivers are the best!

I only took a couple of photos today because my hands were cold and I didn’t want to take off my gloves to take pictures.  Most of the day was spent in wooded areas, with a few farms here and there. We crossed into Massachusetts at mile 31.  The steepness of the hills decreased until we turned one corner to face a really steep hill.  What a way to end the day!

It was margarita night, and the hotel fixed us a nice dinner that we ate inside at tables!

40 miles, temperatures in the 40 with light drizzle.

7 days of riding.  330 miles this week.  2,128 total for the trip.  A rest day tomorrow, then we have 7 riding days and two rest days before we reach Bar Harbor.




One thought on “Day 42, East Windsor, CT to Sturbridge, MA June 2

  1. And the count down is on. Enjoy your day off to dry off, warm up and relax. It’s warm here so hopefully it’s heading your way. Take care, M


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