Day 43, Rest Day in Sturbridge, MA

Sleeping in and waking to the sun shining, that’s the start of a good day. We have a pretty lake at our hotel, and this duck spent time hanging out with me.  Then I met some ladies for breakfast, and along the way found a few signs I liked.

Having my friend Joe from Boston come up for the day made it a great day.  He said he would work on my bike, and that he did.  Much to my surprise he pulled a bike stand and a tool kit out of the back of his car, and proceeded to clean my whole bike and checked it to make sure it shifted smoothly.  The tip I learned was to use a dry paint brush to brush the dirt off a bike.  It also gets into those hard to reach places.

Joe gave me a little green mascot to keep me company for the rest of my tour.

He picked up a bike light for the back of my helmet and put new cleat covers on my bike shoes.  It felt like Christmas.  Oh, and his wife Pricilla sent some wonderful Cocoa Bliss cookies for me, perfect!  Joe then drove me to a nearby quilt store that had a pipe organ in it!  The owner was so friendly and talked about her son who is a cyclist.  After I made my fabric purchases, the owner asked if I would like to hear the organ, and she proceeded to play!  What a special experience.  The quilt store had previously been a church, and the organ and stained glass windows were beautiful.

Joe drove me around the area where we visited some parks and pretty lakes.  It was a perfect way to spend a day.  Joe also brought gifts for all of the people on the tour, but they won’t be handed out until tomorrow.  I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful friend of almost 40 years.

0 bike miles, 4 miles walked.


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