Day 44, Sturbridge to Boxborough, MA – June 4

We started out the morning posing for a group photo with our new hats that were a welcome gift from Joe.  How kind of him to get us all a memento from MA.  We traveled through some small towns on our way to the countryside.  The owner of the bike store many of the woman had taken their bikes to was along the route taking photos of us and waving.   Fun signs, covered bridges, stops for donuts…what a nice day.  We had hills, but nothing compared to the last few days.  We thought this might be the start of something great….rolling hills and no more steep, short climbs.  Time will tell.  We saw miles and miles of old rock walls along our route.  We learned that the ground is full of rock and when farmers cleared their land, they built natural walls with the stones.  Forested areas were the major part of our day, thought we did see some pretty horse farms.  The hotel we were staying at had our arrival posted on their sign….little things like that excite us!  The best part of the day was that a former WomanTour rider who lived in the area invited us all over to her house for dinner.  Between the WomanTour van and a couple of other former WomanTour people who lived in the area, we all were driven a few miles to an amazing dinner.  Robin had been working on this feast for days, and had a beautiful table setting for all of us on her lawn….in the sun…by the garden….surrounded by trees….amazing.  They had just purchased a few chicks which we all enjoyed playing with, and her dog was helpful in showing us his new family members.  I think her husband built the chicken coop on wheels.  It was a wonderful end to a good day.

63 miles, mostly rolling hills, no wind.  I was on the third floor of the hotel and no elevator.  They had a room on the ground floor for our bikes, so I didn’t have to carry the bike up.


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