Day 45, Boxborough MA to Hampton, NH June 5

It was an early out day as it was a long mileage day.  I had a few light layers on as it was cool, but I figured it would warm up during the day.  We started out climbing right away, backtracking up a downhill we had enjoyed coming down to the hotel at the end of the day before.  (that should have been a hint of things to come).  We then rode on a nice bike path  where I found the mural below.  (notice the bike and wheelchair) I’m enjoying the towns we ride through, but quite often the roads are narrow, which means a lot of concentration on my part.  One town we road into…at our stop sign….we were surrounded by churches on two corners and another church down the block.  It’s been very interesting to see the types of churches as we’ve traveled the states.  At mile 26 we entered New Hampshire.  It is a beautiful state, and our route took us on a lot of hills.  The long mileage and lots of hills made for a long day, but we always find pretty and interesting things to keep us occupied, as is evident by the photos below.  The houses are beautiful, they have such personality, and so many windows!  Libraries have been catching my eye lately as they have been so unique.  As we were riding along a country road, and stopped at a stop sign, a man in a truck came around the corner and said, “it’s great to see you ladies out exercising”.  I smiled and thought, if only he knew how long we had been out “exercising”.  Our “clue” sheet took us onto the expressway for our last 3.9 miles, but at our last SAG stop we received a new “cue”, for a quieter route that was a few miles longer.  We decided to go the long way, with our last turn onto Ocean Blvd., which got me excited!  Back to the ocean at last.  We had some winds coming off the ocean, but that’s ok, it was well worth it to be back on the coast.  When riding, we pulled over for a few photos along a rocky stretch of the beach, but when I got to the hotel, I learned the beach was a couple of blocks away.  I was able to run down to the ocean, dip my toes in the water, and get back just in time for dinner.

78 miles, 2400 feet of climbing, 4400 feet of descent down to the ocean.  Third floor of the hotel again!!  That has to add something to our climbing total.  It’s amazing WomanTours is able to find so many motels with third story rooms for us….and no elevator!


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