Day 46, Hampton NH to Kennebunk, ME June 6

Finally I’m able to catch you up on my trip.  We haven’t had internet connections lately.

This is a short mileage day, so we got to sleep in.  Breakfast was prepared by our chef in the parking lot, being served at 8am.  This morning started out with a wonderful young man helping us bring our luggage and bikes down from our 3rd and 2nd floor hotel rooms.  He would tell us to wait as he would run up the stairs and get our “stuff”.  He told us if his grandma were still alive and saw him sitting around while all these woman were working this hard, she would box his ears!  Our day just kept getting better and better.  The night before our guide told us this would be our “rolling rest day”, and she was pretty close to being right.  We had a few hills, just to keep us honest, but most of the roads were flat.  It was overcast in the morning, and my layers of light clothing worked just fine.  We were advised to enjoy every town we passed through, so we wouldn’t get to our final destination too early.  And that’s just what we did, enjoyed the history and personality of where we were.  We took lots of photos, stopped for a mid morning raspberry scone, took more photos, but most of all I enjoyed cycling along the coast with the ocean at my side.  It’s what I’ve been waiting for this whole trip.  At mile marker 14 we entered our 14th state, Maine!!  I can’t believe we are here. To top it off, we rode to a light house, where more photos were taken and I had a lobster roll.  We continued through quiet beach towns, along the ocean, then out onto a busy section of road with a bit of construction.  To reward ourselves for riding through that area, we stopped for some ice-cream.  While waiting in line to order my ice-cream, the man behind me said he had never been flashed by a woman before.  I turned around to laugh, as he was letting me know the blinking light on the back of my bike helmet was still on.  His wife laughed and said anyone who looked like Santa (which is what he looked like), was harmless.  The two other ladies I was with and this couple (and their dog) and I ended up outside at a picnic table, chatting about all kinds of fun things.  We have found that when you’re on a bike, people talk to you….and it’s pretty fun.  Another cyclist from our group joined us for ice cream, then the two of us went off on our own adventure, cycling a few extra miles to Kennebunkport before we ended up at our hotel just in time for dinner.  I have my own room, and my stuff is spread out everywhere, especially since I did the wash tonight.  This is our last opportunity for laundry at a hotel on this trip.

55 miles, minimal climbing, slight wind.


2 thoughts on “Day 46, Hampton NH to Kennebunk, ME June 6

  1. These photos are phenomenal, Patricia!! So beautiful! I particularly like the statue of the woman “Breathe soft, ye winds”. Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences with us!! Zody’s


  2. We appreciate all your comments. We can tell you have had an amazing trip; enjoying everyday and looking forward to the next. Lots of wonderful memories to recall in years to come.


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