Day 47, Kennebunk to Freeport, ME

I had a good breakfast this morning.  My body has learned to tolerate more than yogurt….I had eggs and yogurt, wow.  Plus in this part of the country they offer cranberry juice along with orange juice for breakfast, yum. It was another pretty day, starting out cool and ending up warm enough to not need a jacket.  Today our route took us off the coast around Portland, so we traveled back onto country roads.  The first 20 miles was flat with pretty nice road conditions.  I continue to be interested in the diversity of the houses I ride past.  The three photos below were taken from one spot on my bike.  Throughout our tour I’ve seen houses with stars on them, as the blue house has on it’s front porch.  The yellow house is an example of how different parts of houses are added onto each other, plus there is a turret on the far side of the front house.  The white house has such an interesting shape and I love the two chimneys.

The last 40 miles were full of hills, rolling hills, medium size, steep….we had them all.  To make it interesting we had some poor road conditions, and often didn’t have any shoulder.  Most of the Maine drivers are really good about giving you space as they pass but the drivers can be pretty close.

I enjoy seeing my animal signs and the happy mailbox display gave me a reason to smile while I was in the middle of riding some steep hills.  Every once in a while you see wash hanging out…I bet it smells so fresh.

I rode by some pretty ponds.  I love seeing any type of water, it’s so soothing.

For dessert we had the opportunity to roast marshmallows in our makeshift fire pit, and our guide Michelle brought out her guitar and sang.  It was a great end to the day.

Today I road most of the ride by myself, which was nice.  Sometimes you just have to ride “your ride” at your own pace with your own thoughts.  That being said it was a hard day for me.  I loved yesterday so much that today, going back inland was disappointing.  It was the first day I was  fully responsible for following the cue sheet without help from anyone else. Lucky for me the cue sheet was right on, thought I took a wrong turn close to the end of the ride and I ended up with 4 extra miles.

68 miles.   This was a 4 day cycling week totaling 264 miles. 2,392 miles to date.  Tomorrow is a rest day, we only have 3 days left before we reach Bar Harbor.  It’s so close to the end and amazing to think about.




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