Day 48, A Day off in Freeport, ME

Freeport, the home of LL Bean….do I need to say any more?  Shopping at LL was relaxing, actually it was great to not have deadlines or places to be.  It was fun just to hang out and walk around LL and see the different displays they have. The highlight of the day was when my roommates friend, who lives in the area, treated us to lunch and then a drive around the area/islands off the coast.  I got my “water fix”. Oh, and we went to a quilt store where I found some fun fabric.

The hotel/Inn we stayed at was the best yet.  They served tea in the late afternoon, our beds were turned down at night and they left chocolates on the pillow….how perfect is that.  They even had an elevator, as I was on the second floor. We had robes on the door and the sheets were amazing, with silk pillowcases.

Walked 4+ miles, no biking.


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