Day 49, Freeport to Rockport, ME June 9

Rain was predicted for today, and it was kind of cool, so we either put on our rain gear or had it with us.  Our country roads were good and we had a few miles on a bike path.  45 or so years ago I use to come to this area on vacation, and I was excited to see what I recognized.  I know the names of the towns, but that’s about all I could come up with.  It brought back lots of memories for me to mull over as I rode.  We rode over a huge bridge over the Kennebec River and we rode on a flatter bridge over the Sheepscot River after we passed through Wiscasset.  Crossing over both bridges was windy.  As the day progressed we encountered some bad roads and spent some time on busy roads, but we had a large shoulder to ride on.  I visited another great quilt store with a fellow rider, and we stopped in Moody’s Diner for lunch.  The diner was “the real deal” as all the locals were there.  When we came out, it was raining a bit, but not too bad.  We had fog for a few hours, which was kind of cool as it’s such a typical thing to experience in Maine.

Today was our last long day, 68 miles and over 3,000 feet of climbing.  Some rolling hills, while others certainly let you know you were using your muscles.




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