Day 50, Rockport to Bucksport, June 10

Climbing seems to be the action of the day.  We started out climbing, and kept it up for most of the day.  We had wonderful photo opportunities, first stopping to see some Belted Galloway cows, next we stopped at a little park with views of West Penobscot Bay, and proceeded into Camden, a busy/cute town.

This is a low mileage day, we started out at 9am and were told to take our time and play. That’s exactly what I did as you can see from the photos below.  You name it, we saw it, from interesting buildings and houses, lakes, amazing displays of lupine flowers, fun signs in little towns, ice cream photos, great street signs, a very special bridge that we rode across and that we had a view of from our hotel room, and a reunion of one of our riders with her husband.  We had stopped at a pull-out and were reading a sign/taking a break and talking with some people, when a motor cycle pulled up, and it was the husband of the cyclist I was with.  Her husband left Canada when she left for this trip, he has been riding his own epic trip around the US, and was on his way up to Bar Harbor when he saw some woman cycling and thought he might see his wife.  He saw a place to stop along the side of the road to look at the bridge, and there was his wife!!!

Our hills were manageable getting easier as the day progressed.  We had about 2800 feet of climbing.  41 miles, some wind that actually felt good.  I think it was in the upper 70’s.



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