Day 51, Bucksport to Bar Harbor, Maine, June 11, 2015 Final Day

This is it, our final day!  Emily made cinnamon rolls from scratch, cooked over coals that she started around 5am.  She made the dough the night before and let them rise over night, what an amazing cook.  We also had an egg bake that was very yummy.  Everyone was up and about early, anxious to get on the road.  We had a 1pm time set to meet at the pier in Bar Harbor to take a group photo and “dip our tires”.  Again, we started out climbing as soon as we left town.  We were on a busy road, US1 for a bit, then turned onto a lovely road through the back country.  The morning started out cool, in the upper 50’s but quickly turned warm and sunny.  We then hit some rough road….quite a bit of rough road without much of a shoulder, but as always, we kept on going.  As you can tell from the photos, the country side was very pretty.  I had a “moment” with a deer, actually it was like 5 minutes that I sat on my bike and watched the deer.  She kept walking closer and closer to me, it was magical.  But I did have to get moving, so I took off to catch up with my riding partners.  We arrived in Bar Harbor a little before 1 to be greeted by lots of other WomanTour riders, a local TV station, but most special was the congratulations “banner” being held up by my very special friends from Boston, Priscilla and Joe.  They both took two days off from work to join me.  Hugs of joy, tears, laughter….what an beautiful end to an epic journey up the Atlantic Coast.  Lots of photos were taken, it was so fun. I was of course hungry, so we went out for lunch and I had a huge lobster roll, yum. We had a celebratory dinner tonight, and I have a massage and sail boat ride scheduled by my Boston friends on the agenda for tomorrow.

Thank you to all of my family and friends for your support, and for reading about my journey.

46 miles today, 2,952 elevation climb. 155 miles for the short week.

2,547 Total Miles that I rode from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Bar Harbor, Maine.




One thought on “Day 51, Bucksport to Bar Harbor, Maine, June 11, 2015 Final Day

  1. Congratulations!!! I loved reading about your adventures and your pictures were fantastic. You’ve got to be proud of your accomplishment.
    I hope to see you back at the pilates studio after you have a chance to recuperate.
    I’d love to hear more details about your adventure. What’s next? Ride the Rockies? Triple Bypass?


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